Post-Meeting Email

Online or in-person meetings should ALWAYS be followed with a follow-up email. Here’s what that email should include.

Now onto the good stuff…

Post-meeting emails are important because they show that you value the person’s time and so you both can have a documented version of the meeting’s key takeaways.

It’s also a good opportunity to add a few CTAs (call to actions). Action items include:

  • Asking for another introduction
  • Asking for them to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Asking for another meeting

Here’s a template for you:

Hi [name]!

It was great speaking with you yesterday. I really enjoyed our conversation about [what you discussed] and hearing your insights.

If you’d be willing, I have attached a doc outlining what we discussed. I would love the opportunity to speak with you further about this and a possible [partnership/collaboration]. How does a week from now sound?

Ps. I have a quarterly newsletter where I update people on my progress from the past three months. Can I add you to it?




  • Send it within 24 hours of the meeting
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Clarify and assign action items
  • End on a positive note

Check this article out for more templates and advice on post-meeting follow up emails.