How to Intro Yourself

Learning how to properly introduce yourself is a crucial step in making a good first impression. It can lead to job opportunities, long-lasting partnerships and friendships, and can turn you into a networking powerhouse. Here’s how you can do that as simply as possible.

More of a visual learner? Watch this:

Now onto the good stuff…

Step 1:

Introduce yourself with energy and excitement. No mumbling allowed.

Hi! I’m ___, it’s great to meet you.

Step 2:

Share what you’re interested in and convey that passion in how you present yourself. People become fascinated with what you’re fascinated with when they can see you’re excited about it!

I’m really passionate about ________ and how it can be applied to solve problems in _______

Speaking about what you’re interested in prior to what project you’re working on also grounds you, making you look curious rather than a show-off.

Step 3:

Talk about what you’re currently working on. Thanks to the context from the first two steps, this will help people understand that you’re taking action on your interests and turning them into a reality. This is where you can showcase your credibility.

Recently I’ve been working on a project that uses _______ to ________.

As you’re speaking, remember to include this person in the conversation by asking questions like “have you heard of (whatever your field of interest is)?” so in case they’re unfamiliar with it, they don’t feel lost. If it’s obvious to you that they already know what you’re talking about, disregard this.


“Hi! I’m Ari Dutilh, it’s great to meet you. I’m fascinated by online communities and how we can use them to educate and support people across the world. Recently, I’ve been working on a community-first project that supports GenZ involvement in fields like coding, design, and entrepreneurship.”

Remember that this is a conversation - you don’t want to come across as robotic, so leave space for the other person to interject and speak.