Knowing how to put together a good presentation can launch you into a promotion, career, or even get your startup funded. This page will get you started on the path to becoming a presentation guru.

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Everyone has different styles of presenting, but here are some of the basics to keep in mind:

  • Storytelling - Learning how to story tell is a super power. If you want people sitting on the edge of their seats forgetting the time, you need to structure your presentation as a story.
  • Hone your slides - Be sure that the slides or content that you’re presenting is high-quality. Research the information you’re sharing, remove any fluff that doesn’t need to be there, and share the most important points only.
  • Confidence - Be confident. You earned the right to be presenting. You’re competent in what you’re speaking about. Express that confidence.
  • Enthusiasm - People need to be able to feel your energy and passion for what you’re speaking about. Remember: your passion is contagious and you’re there to inspire them.
  • Authenticity - Don’t fake what you think people wan to see. Be yourself, with your own voice, with your own expressions, with your own movements.
  • Emotion - Expressing emotion is key for allowing your audience to learn from what you’re presenting. Inspire them with emotions like inspiration, sadness, motivation, or anger.

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