Taking a Profile Picture

Put a face to your name! As humans, being able to see someone’s face allows us to build a stronger connection with them. Especially in professional circles, it’s vital that you not only have a real picture of yourself, but that it’s a good one.

More of a visual learner? Watch this video:

Examples of profile pictures you should avoid using 👇


Examples of profile pictures you should be using ☝️

Your profile picture will be one of the first things people see when they meet you online. Here are the basics of what you can do to ensure your headshot is a good one:

  1. Use a newer smartphone or camera
    • On a smartphone? Use Portrait Mode so you can get that nice blur in the background.
    • Take the photo in RAW file format. Mobile apps like Lightroom Mobile allow you to do this, and RAW allows your photo to have a higher dynamic range in post while editing.
    • The newer the phone, the better. If you don’t have a new phone or camera, think about who in your family and friends does.
  1. Chose your environment carefully
    • Diffuse your lighting! Grey days, sitting in front of a window, or putting a white t-shirt in front of a light helps you do this.
    • Avoid shadows. Harsh shadows crossing over your face isn’t a good look.
    • Make sure your background doesn’t have too much contrast and isn’t too distracting. You’re the subject, not the background.
  1. Be happy and curious
    • Think of something you love doing and let it show on your face. Smiling and looking genuinely happy in your headshot is contagious to whoever is viewing it.
    • Work with a family member or good friend who can make you laugh while taking the pictures if possible.